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Silver Lotto PRO System
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Set-up Time:


Part: 2 months -1 Year
30-60 Minutes





Reader Comments:

"...The website says you can get up to 99% winnings. That means almost every time you play a game you win - and it's true! I've never been so surprized about a lottery system, and $1,300 sez it works for me..." Josh N, California

"One system that fulfills all its promises. Takes very little effort but it pays off. I got $2,000 after 3 weeks..." Katherine Mosse, CA.
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How The System Works

The Silver Lotto PRO System is based around 3 separate products by Ken Silver: the Silver Lotto System, Lotto-80 System and 4 specially designed Custom Profiles. Each part works in conjunction with the other to boost winning odds to a claimed 99%, with the remaining 1% down to luck. There are reported wins of up to $100,000 on the website for this product.

Each part of the product mix combines to keep pushing up the win ratings. The Silver Lotto System works by removing most of the poor number combinations. Those are the numbers which you will rarely see in a winning result. Ken Silver claims he has found the way to identify these patterns and uses them to leave a small batch of so-called winning numbers. Luck does the rest.

His Lotto-80 System is a membership site which identifies another pattern of winning. Ken Silver says that there are patterns within patterns: that one week you will have a Silver Lotto System pattern that doesn't come close to the winning numbers. It is this game that you need to avoid. Similarly, there are weeks where a winning pattern will more closely match the Silver Lotto System numbers, and so you need to play. The Lotto-80 System tells you when to do this with easily identifiable red, orange and green squares like traffic lights.

The third part is 4 Custom Profiles. These are customized numbers made up from the Silver Lotto System, and completed in a sequence that you can match to the Lotto-80 System predictions. For example, if your game is listed in the PRO system (see below for list of games), the Lotto-80 System will tell ordinary members with the PRO System when to play or not.

But PRO players will be told what Custom Profile to use in that week. So instead of waiting until the 'perfect' week is showing, the PRO player can play immediately with the Custom Profile needed.

It is a unique system and we haven't seen anything like it elsewhere. Because of this special 3-part combo we give the Silver Lotto PRO System a big thumbs up.

Games Available For The Silver Lotto PRO System As At 27 August 2008:

Australia - Oz Lotto
Australia - Gold Lotto
Australia - Powerball
Australia - Lotto
Australia, South Australia - SA Lotto
British Columbia, - BC49
Canada - Lotto 649
Canada - Super 7
Canada - Western 649
Canada - Ontario 49
EuroMillions - UK
Malaysian TOTO - 6/42, 6/49
New Zealand - Lotto
Singapore - Toto
South African National Lotto
UK National Lottery - Lotto
UK - EuroMillions
USA - Cash Winfall
USA - Hot Lotto
USA - MegaMillions
USA - PowerBall
USA, California - Super Lotto Plus
USA, Colorado - Lotto
USA, Connecticut - Classic Lotto
USA, Florida - Florida Lotto
USA, Illinois - Lotto
USA, Indiana - Hoosier Lottery
USA, Louisiana - Louisiana Lotto
USA, Missouri - Lotto
USA, New Jersey - Pick-Six
USA, New York - NY Lotto
USA, Oregon - MegaBucks
USA, Texas - Lotto Texas
USA, Washington - Lotto


Q: It sounds complicated. Will I be able to use it?
A: It is far simpler than it appears. All you have to do to start is fill out your lottery tickets from the Custom Profiles. Then you use the Lotto-80 System each week to see what tickets to use.

Q: Do I have to fill out tickets each week?
A: No, you only do it once, then take those tickets in each time. Once you do the initial set-up, there is nothing more to do.

Q: What makes this system better than the rest?
A: We think it is the combination of winning factors that build on each other to extract the highest proportion of win odds from your game. We haven't seen this done anywhere else.

Q: What happens if I don't receive my product?
A: Email the owner at his Support page. You will get a answer within 24 hours.

Q: How do I know my credit card is safe?
A: We have heard Ken Silver has an excellent reputation. He has been selling his systems on the internet since 1995-6, and a long-standing business is always the best way to gauge how secure your information is. You can always get your money back from the bank anyhow with a credit card, so there is no risk.

















United States

eBook, digital delivery

Approx 55 plus membership site

Private Processor

Low to nil.

Instant by PDF file

Low (good for players since there
is limited competition)

60 Days (conditions).

Support Page and email

Silver Lotto System
Lotto-80 System
Winner's Circle
PowerSpread for Powerball
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